BeBe Zahara Monet /Nea Marshal Kudi : A Fierce & Fabulous Force

by Nuestra Hermana

You may know BeBe as “America’s Next Drag Superstar” from season one of Ru Paul’s Drag Race Show. Fierce, bold & beautiful on the runway and bestowed with a stellar personality, she won the love of the show’s viewers. 

BeBe is also Nea Marshal Kudi who describes BeBe as “a strong and beautiful character illusion created for entertainment and the artistic expression of the feminine.”

Nea was born in the West African Republic of Cameroon. He lived in both Cameroon and Paris before moving to America. He came to Minneapolis where some of his family lived and once his career hit it off he moved to New York where he currently resides.

His first steps in drag were when he was asked to step in and replace missing models while he worked for a Perisian runway. From there, BeBe was born. After winning the title of “America’s Next Drag Superstar”, BeBe went on to produce music which fused her Cameroon roots with R&B and hip hop.

Nea also created a theater piece titled Queendom which featured live original music that fused African rhythms with R&B and hip hop. The piece tells the story of his journey throughout Africa, Paris and America. The message Nea hoped to put out with this theater piece was for the audience to learn to find their inner Queendom/Kingdom and embrace it.

BeBe has continued to work on music, has hosted the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission’s Celebration of Courage, worked as a model & is most recently working on a documentary about her life. It is titled simply BeBe: A Documentary.

Want to see more/know more?

  • Watch her ad campaign for International Drag History Month HERE
  • Find out more information about her documentary HERE
  • See her website and write in her guestbook HERE

(Please do not remove this article/bio attached to this photoset. This series is written specifically to promote & educate about POC/QPOC issues & people.)

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