homemadedarkmark | devonwood:

MY ANACONDA DON’T WANT NONE if you say no, because I respect your boundaries.

AND I’M DOWN TO GET THE FRICTION ON as long as it’s okay with you. otherwise I’m good with a movie and some tea.

SO LADIES, LADIES, IF YOU WANNA ROLL IN MY MERCEDES please let me know ahead of time so that I can plan accordingly

BABY GOT self-respect

OOH BABY I WANNA GET WIT YA, AND TAKE YO PICTURE because you really have lovely eyes

EVEN WHITE BOYS GOT TO SHOUT I love spending time with you.

I’M TIRED OF MAGAZINES SAYIN FLAT BUTTS ARE THE THING because I don’t appreciate mainstream media dictating standards of beauty and desire

I WANT A REAL THICK AND JUICY all beef hamburger and would like to invite you to join me for dinner tonight at around 7.

I AINT TALKIN BOUT PLAYBOY because that magazine degrades women and I don’t read it. 

DAMN YOU’S A beautiful person would you like to see me again perhaps for coffee and an intellectual discussion?

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