Sociology of Masculinity in ‘My Soul to Take’

Bug: I’m scared.
Alex: We’re sixteen, Bug. Like it or not, we’re men now.
Bug: I don’t feel like a man!
Alex: No one does, that’s why you gotta fake it.
Bug: Fake being a man to be a man?
Alex: That’s the way it works. You can’t run, you have to face your fear like a man.
Bug: Even though I’m not a man?
Alex: Because you’re not a man. Listen, the better you fake it, the better man you are.
Bug: Just fake it.
Alex: Fake it good. Like if you’re scared, act like you don’t give a shit, or if somebody hurts you, say, “Thank you very much, that felt wonderful.”
Bug: [practicing] Thanks, Brandon, that-I can’t raise my arm, feels good.
Alex: Yeah, there you go.
Bug: Is that all you got, Brandon? I mean… I feel downright… cheated!
Alex: I’m amazed that you’re getting this so quick, it’s tricky stuff.
Bug: I was faking what I did.
Alex: You were?
Bug: [nods] Completely.
Alex: Yeah, but you were faking it good.
Bug: I was?
Alex: Abso-fuckin’-lutely. You now have permission to shave.

My Soul to Take.

Wes Craven gives us a helpful lesson about the social construction of masculinity.

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