Sociology of ‘The Mist’

What always appealed to me about it [The Mist] was: okay here’s this story about monsters, basically, on the surface of it. Underneath Steve King was telling a completely different story. He was telling a story about the fragility of human behaviour under pressure. What he was saying was that civilisation is a very thin veneer and it can crumble very quickly -especially when you apply fear. People turn against one another when subjected to stress and fear.
It winds up being a great sociological contest for how we are as a species. How screwed up we are, how fearful we are. And that’s what Steve put on the page and that’s what I put on the screen.

Frank Darabont, Director of The Mist, talks about the sociology in Stephen King’s horror story. Awesome.

Image credits: 1) The Official Cranberries Fanblog. 2) Movies at Midnight. 3) Slant. 4) Toney.