Source: NewsReal Blog.

Writing in April last year, John Hawkins was very upset that “very smart people”, such as “Leftists” and feminists, argue that gender is social construction.

With gender, it’s true that some of it is merely a social construct. In other words, what an American, a member of the Maasai tribe, and a Saudi consider to be “manly” and “feminine” may be quite different. Few people would probably argue that point. The problem comes in when you start to believe that because SOME of gender is a social construct, then all of it must be a social construct. Once you start to believe that sort of ridiculous nonsense, then it becomes possible to pen crazypants Orwellian screeds…

He goes on to slam an article from Feministing. The article draws on a Right Wing blog so perhaps this tirade about social constructionism might be unsurprising.

Alas and alack, I am often seen penning crazypants Orwellian screeds. In fact this is the new motto for the International Sociological Association: “Sociology: Crazypants Orwellian Screeds Since 1838”. 

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