Loving the new posters! It’s long overdue to have a campaign that speaks of the importance of using two types of contraceptives to both prevent pregnancy and protect against STIs. The pill does not protect against herpes, but barrier methods, like condoms, do. The condom is not as reliable as an IUD to prevent pregnancy.


Here’s our latest educational campaign to prevent STDs and pregnancy aimed at South Bronx teens. The campaign is part of the city’s efforts to ensure that all teens have the information, skills and resources to make healthy decisions about their sexual and reproductive health.

This is great.

Being protected from pregnancy is NOT the same thing as being protected from STIs! Always important to make sure that even if you are on another type of birth control, you should back it up with condoms unless you are sure that your partner tests clean. 

The same applies to post-menopausal people, or those who have had hysterectomies!

Love this!!!

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