Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF).

Today marks Day 4 of the MIFF for me. I’ve got a mini pass for the festival which gets me into 13 films, plus I’m seeing another two on top of that – 15 all up… and counting. It’s a back-to-back schedule where I’m running around from one end of town the the other and trying to get other work done in between, but it has been fantastic so far. 

For the most part, I planned my viewing choices around films that do not yet have a release date. Melbourne Gastronome was helpful, as they have a list of films that have already been picked up for distribution in Australia, which helped narrow my initial pool of around 50 films (from the 350-odd movies being screened at this year’s MIFF). I also decided to stick to overseas films hoping the Aussie films I’m interested in will be released soon.

I’ll be posting reviews of the films I’ve seen so far. First up tonight is Rec Genesis. The forthcoming reviews include the brilliant horror film V/H/S; the intelligent and ambiguous Sound of My Voice, about a charismatic cult leader who may or may not be a time traveller; the beautiful Chilean film Bonsai, celebrating the pleasures and failures of writing and love; and the searing The House I Live In, a documentary about the historical, socio-economic and legal impact of America’s “war on drugs”. 

This is the third film festival I’ve been to in the past month or so. I’ll do a retrospective about the Arab and Spanish Film festivals in due time. So many wonderful and inspiring treats for the imagination!

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