‘Putinist Croneyism’

Dear Maria, Nadezhda and Ekaterina,

I can’t imagine how you are feeling at the moment as you begin the astoundingly unfair and disproportionate prison sentence that has been handed out to you. It might cheer you to know that so many people around the world are thinking of you and doing what they can, through Amnesty International and other bodies, to see if your sentence can’t be reduced, commuted or suspended… I know that despite Pussy Riot’s “punk” affect and ethos, which can put some people off, that you are highly intelligent, educated and articulate people who knew exactly what you were doing and had good reason for it. Your argument was not with the religious, or with Christianity, but with Putinist croneyism within the ranks of the Orthodox Church, especially this particular building, the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. But most sensible people, whether they are Christian or not and even if they are blind or deaf to the statement there for all to read in the links above, can surely see that a long pre-trial period in gaol followed by such a severe sentence which unashamedly announced that it was given not according to strict law, but in order to “send out a message” is not just in any state that claims to be a fair free democracy.

– Stephen Fry.

Fry has written a letter of support to Pussy Riot for Amnesty International.

Join Amnesty’s campaign supporting Pussy Riot, by sending the band a message of solidarity. Alternatively check out All Out’s campaign that protests Putin’s leadership decision to ban gay pride parades for 100 years (!). All Out argues that Pussy Riot’s LGBTQI activism has influenced the sentencing they received.

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