Commercialisation of Frida

Frida Kahlo art pillow given to me by a great friend many years a go. I often ponder the commercialisation of this important Latin artist, particularly when it does violence to her fierce vision of femininity. Here Kahlo looks slightly serene but in reality her self-portraits were brave and defiant. (The lighting and poor photography by me also makes her appear lighter, but that’s not the case on the item, thankfully.)

At the same time some of these pop culture reproductions help introduce Kahlo’s work to new audiences. It helps me another Latin women to see her image, and I have bought many books, prints and other items that celebrate her lasting power.

It comes back to the spirit of what the item represents. Consider the legal case between a photographer and Che’s family who are arguing over the copyright to the iconic image of the revolutionary in his iconic beret. The commodification of art is tricky business.