Culture, Art and Writing Distractions

Here are my July-August vines, a visual sociology of art, with a little look at a beloved family member.

Victorian Artists Society, People Painting People, held in Melbourne. 20 July 2013

Street art in Hosier Lane, Melbourne. Hosier Lane is one of Melbourne’s most iconic street art venues. 31 July

[Video: loop of street art, including depictions of a giant octous; a Hindu family; various aliens; and a mural that reads “Once bitten twice shy.”]

National Gallery of Victoria and surrounds

The National Gallery of Victoria entrance is surrounded by a moat, with a fountain lit up at each end.

[Video: loop of entrance to the NGV International,which features a large transparent glass wall with water perpetually flowing. A dome facade is lit up in red.]

The Arts Centre tower in Melbourne lights up at night.

Just for fun

The rest is not really visual sociology, but a wee glimpse into what’s helping me get through endless writing at the moment!

The Dude . His Dudeness. Duder, or El Duderino if you’re not into the whole brevity thing. 8 Aug

[Video: my family’s cat, lying down, is super chilled and paws at me halfheartedly but playfully.]

They mostly come out at night…

[Loop of “Aliens” scene when Newt schools Ripley. Ripley looks with trepidation into the distance]



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