Video on the Sociology of Evaluation

I made a video for my educational website, Sociology at Work. We have a new YouTube channel that will feature interviews with sociologists about how they use sociology outside academia. Our first guest is Dr Yoland Wadsworth who has been working in community services and evaluation for over four decades.

Yoland talks about her 42 year career in Community Research & Evaluation. Dr Yoland Wadsworth is one of Australia’s prominent applied sociologists. She has led a distinguished career, working on 3,500 community service and health projects both at the local and state levels. She has sold over 58,000 copies of her textbooks on doing research and Evaluation.

In this video, Dr Wadsworth discusses how her research has shaped children’s services, mental health delivery and helped the not-for-profit sector. Dr Wadsworth also provides practical examples of how she has used sociological theories and methods as part of her everyday work.

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