TW: How Rape Culture Works

TW: How Rape Culture Works

Sociologist, Dr Lisa Wade, notes that society creates various excuses that blames women for rape. This normalises the idea that women’s appearance (chaste versus “flirtatious”) is the only thing keeping men from sexual assault. This is obviously a false dichotomy that allows institutions to absolve themselves from responsibility in changing public attitudes and behaviour:

‘Rape culture narratives—those that suggest that rape is simply a matter of miscommunication, that “date rape” isn’t “real rape,” that women frequently lie about being sexually assaulted for vengeance or out of shame— make it difficult for bystanders to justify intervening and for some victims to understand that their experience was a crime. Rape culture also gives rapists plausible excuses for their actions, making it difficult to hold them accountable, especially if members of the campus administration buy into these myths as well.’

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