Racism is More than “Getting Caught”

Racism is More than “Getting Caught”

On The Guardian, Gary Younge argues that all the recent cases of older White men getting caught on video saying overtly racist things (think Donald Sterling in the USA & Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson in the UK) actually gives a false impression of how racism actually works:

“And so the perception – on both sides of the Atlantic – takes hold that racism is not a system of discrimination planted by history, nourished by politics and nurtured by economics, in which some groups face endemic disadvantage – it’s about ignorant old people getting caught saying mean things. By privileging these episodes – outrageous as they are – racism is basically reduced to the level of a private, individual indiscretion made public. The scandal becomes not that racism exists but that anyone would be crass enough to articulate it so brazenly.”

Here’s the article: http://buff.ly/1pgwq4F #sociology #socialscience