Street Harassment

Trigger warning: Sexual Assault

An American survey of 2,000 people including 10 focus groups finds that 65% of (cisgender) women and 25% of LGBTQ men reported experiencing public harassment at least once in their lives, though most had been harassed routinely, in some cases weekly or daily. Women were verbally and physically harassed. Queer men were most often verbally abused for holding hands with other men or because their clothing or accessories were perceived as “feminine.” Some of the participants report altering their route home or even their behaviour in certain places to cope with the abuse.

Heterosexual men were the least likely group to report being sexually harassed even once in their lives. White heterosexual men were identified as the overwhelming perpetrators of sexual harassment of women and GBTQ men.

Note that the study was conducted by a market research firm on behalf of a not-for-profit group.