Sexism in Heterosexual Dating

A woman who is confident and stands up for herself by asking a man out or alternatively, by turning a man down, is seen as desperate or conversely stuck up. Either way she is a figure of ridicule and abuse. A man who does the same is merely confident and has “standards.” Sexism works to alienate feminine behaviour and validate masculine attitudes.

Date me – Rasenth

Art by Japanese artist Rasenth, who was inspired to do a series of cartoons on sexism after the mass shooting at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

[Image text] Man: Date me! Woman: No. Because she’s shallow.

Woman: Date me! Man: No. But we think she’s desparate.

When we think this is happening:

Man: Hey sexy lady. Woman: Oh no – I’m not interested in you at all.

When it’s usually like this:

Woman: No I’m not interested. Man: Really?

W: Um… I have a boyfriend. M: Oh yeah?

W: He’s tall and muscular and… M: Suuuure he is

W: Please don’t touch me.

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