Sexism in Heterosexual Dating

A woman who is confident and stands up for herself by asking a man out or alternatively, by turning a man down, is seen as desperate or conversely stuck up. Either way she is a figure of ridicule and abuse. A man who does the same is merely confident and has “standards.” Sexism works to alienate feminine behaviour and validate masculine attitudes.

Art by Japanese artist Rasenth, who was inspired to do a series of cartoons on sexism after the mass shooting at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

[Image text] Man: Date me! Woman: No. Because she’s shallow.

Woman: Date me! Man: No. But we think she’s desparate.

When we think this is happening:

Man: Hey sexy lady. Woman: Oh no – I’m not interested in you at all.

When it’s usually like this:

Woman: No I’m not interested. Man: Really?

W: Um… I have a boyfriend. M: Oh yeah?

W: He’s tall and muscular and… M: Suuuure he is

W: Please don’t touch me.

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