Why do men get defensive about feminism?

Why do men get defensive about feminism?

Cecile Emeke is a British film maker of Nigerian background. This excellent video links opposition to feminism and the normalisation of sexism to racism and colonialism.

“When you’re White, you don’t walk around thinking, ‘How many things can I do today and how many things can’t I do today because of the colour of my skin?’ But you do when you’re Black. That’s the thing that made me think, Hold up! I’m a man. What can’t I do today because I’m a man? And when I put that in reverse – of course women, they must think like that. They don’t know when the next person is going to use a word that’s offensive to them, the way the [N] word is offensive to me, in open conversation… When I talk about feminism, I get people arguing that’s just the way things are meant to be, because it’s so internalised. It’s so insidious.”

http://buff.ly/XMpNze #sociology #feminism


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