Science for the Win!

Science for the Win!

This is a terrific, in-depth look at the passionate and dedicated discussions that take place every day on Google+ communities. Thanks to journalist Simon Owens for delving deeper into what makes G+ so special, and laying to rest the tired old argument that “Google Plus is a ghost town.”

I was interviewed for this piece, representing our tireless Science on Google+ Moderation team. Simon highlights our collective curation effort as well as the truly exceptional science posts by our members. I was super thrilled to see Simon chose to feature some of my favourite posters Johnathan Chung, Jonah Miller as well as our fun ice spike post, and several others by our Community members.

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Science is Massive on Google+

Here’s a fantastic article on the “massive engagement” on Google+ communities! Journalist Simon Owens has featured our community as one example of the dedicated discussions that take place on Google+, dispelling the myth still perpetuated by mainstream media that Google+ is a “ghost town.” 

Simon quotes Google product manager Danielle Buckley who says of G+ communities “People come up with really interesting ways of talking to each other that are community defined and make them really special.” 

Thank you to all our members who make our community one of the top 10 largest communities on Google+ as well as an amazing place for smart science discussion! Simon highlights some of our favourite posts by our community members. Take a look!

HT Johnathan Chung for the ping & Alexander Howard for posting.

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