Government-led anti-Muslim sentiment continues in Australia.

Government-led anti-Muslim sentiment continues in Australia. Recently, the Government announced it would ban Muslim women wearing “face covering” from visiting Parliament – instead these Australian women would be kept behind glass. After a public outcry (seems the Government overstepped its acceptable level of racism), Prime Minister Tony Abbott had to withdraw support for this ridiculous ruling. The whole sad and infuriating spectacle is a political farce, as the comic below illustrates.

The “ban the burqa” furore started with right-wing politicians arguing that Australian-Muslim women are “oppressed” by their choice of religious dress, with little understanding that the number of women who choose to wear a burqa is minuscule in Australia. Even those who wear the niqab are also minute (less than 200 at a broad estimate). When this so-called “feminist” agenda didn’t work, the argument was made under false security concerns.

As political blogger Greg Jericho writes: what if “the government worried more about women hitting the glass ceiling rather than putting certain women behind glass”?

Jericho: See the comic: #sociology #feminism