How to be An Ally Post-Ferguson

How to be An Ally Post-Ferguson

White people who want to be allies to people of colour in the American and international protests beyond Ferguson should do so in ways that don’t hurt or minimise the actions and reactions of people of colour. Good ways include listening to people of colour, protesting, speaking up when you hear racism, and being accountable.

Another useful way is not to police how people of colour express their anger or grief. Scientist Joseph Osmundson and Professor of Gender and Race Studies, David J. Leonard, write:

“It is not really our place to call for peaceful responses, or to call out looting as irresponsible or counterproductive. Loss of life is tragic, anger is justified, not all protests by black bodies are riots. The same state forces that violently end black life every 28 hours are condemning theft as irresponsible. The same system that denies justice, that kills with impunity, that denies the innocence of Black men and women, young and old, isn’t the basis of justice. Stay woke.”

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