Latin Summer Festival

In the 2011 Australian Census, there were over 107,300 Latin-Australian migrants. The majority were born in South America (almost 87,700 people); the second-biggest groups were born in Central America (14,900 people); and a smaller proportion were born in the Caribbean (4,7000 people).

The three biggest national group of Latins in Australia are Brazil-born (47,500 Australians). Brazilians are the fastest growing Latin groups. Since the 1980s, Chileans had made up the biggest group of Latin people (24,900 people); followed by those born in El Salvador (over 9,600 people). Most Latin Americans live in New South Wales (especially those from Brazil and Chile), but Victoria is home to the second-largest Latin communities.

This was Melbourne’s first Latin Summer Festival! Held at Federation Square it was not an especially sunny today (it rained lightly), but that the random weather made it all the more of an authentic Melbourne summer! The lacklustre weather did not stop the crowds. It was very exciting to have attended the third Latin event in Melbourne in almost as many months. Very happy that more Melbournians will get a little exposure to our cultures!

This adorable couple is having more fun than everyone here outside the bar area!

This photo and video are part of my #VibrantLives series, a visual sociology of multiculturalism in Melbourne. Keep up on my Instagram @OtherSociology.