Capitalist Patriarchy & Environmental Action

Capitalist Patriarchy & Environmental Action

This is wonderful – renowned Indian physicist Dr Vandana Shiva talks about the importance of International Women’s Day, and the connections between sexual violence, corporate exploitation and environmental practices.

“I’m here in Los Angeles to address a conference on International Women’s Day on global ecologies, on how globalisation, shaped by a very patriarchal mindset, a capitalist, patriarchal mindset, has actually aggravated the violence against women, that we are living in a very violent economic order to which war has become essential—war against the earth, war against women’s bodies, war against local economies and war against democracy. And I think we need to see the connections between all these forms of violence, which impact women most. Whether it’s climate change or biodiversity erosion or seed monopolies, all of it is connected. It’s one piece.”

Video: Transcript: #sociology

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