Radical Brownies

Radical Brownies

The Radical Brownies is a group for girls of colour in the USA that teaches relevant life skills with a focus on social justice and history. For example, they study the Black Panthers and the Chicano Brown Berets. They also learn how Disney princesses can negatively impact on self image, and how they can counter this. They are also taught how to practice social inclusion and social action:

“The Radical Brownies have their own badge system, including one for ‘Radical Beauty’ and an ‘LGBT ally’ badge. The girls also earned a “Black Lives Matter” badge after learning about police accountability and attending a civil rights march in Oakland.”

Anayvette Martizez, one of the group leaders, says: “I think it’s never too early to have these conversations with young people.”

This made my day!

Story: http://buff.ly/1zVUMJG Image: Radical Brownies: http://buff.ly/1zVUMJH #woc #sociology #socialscience #radicalbrownies

4 thoughts on “Radical Brownies

  1. Yes, and that Michael Brown dude didn’t just strong arm a store clerk then proceeded to rob the place. He got killed not because the cop knew he’d just robbed a store, he got himself killed because he knew he was guilty and responded like any drugged up thug.


  2. NoUnions Teamsters Local 986 I’ve deleted and reported your racist abuse. Consider getting an education instead of hiding behind a silly troll account. There are many scientists here on Google+ providing outreach, but we don’t have to allow your vitriol and hate speech. You’ve reshared two posts on the Radical Brownies with racist commentary already (amidst dozens of other racist rants). It says all too much about your character that a group of young girls trying to change society for the better makes you so afraid that you’re scrambling to comment with hatred on as many posts as possible. I hope you one day find the courage to learn, rather than spread your ignorance. 


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