Migrants in Australia

Here’s my new video on the sociology of migrants in Australia.

I’ve started a new video series called Vibrant Lives, where I explore the sociology of minorities and multiculturalism in Australia. This first video provides an overview of migrants in Australia. There are 6.6 million Australians who were born overseas and an additional 4.1 million Australians are the children of migrants. Together, this means that 47% of Australians are either a first or second-generation migrant.

The biggest migrant groups come from the United Kingdom (5.2% of national population), New Zealand (2.6%), China (1.8%), India (1.6%), the Philippines (1.0%), and Vietnam (1.0%). Second-generation migrants come from over 300 ancestry groups, with the biggest being Greek, Dutch and Italian.   

Around 10.6 million people, or 53% of Australians, belong to the third-generation or beyond. The biggest ancestry groups are Australian and other Anglo-Celtic backgrounds.

Australia has the ninth largest overseas-born population in the world; the fourth highest amongst OECD nations. Australia also has an higher proportion of overseas-born people than the other “Traditional Immigration Nations,” which is twice the rate of the USA. 

Learn more more about the demographics of our biggest migrant groups on my video below.

For the history of immigration to Australia, and links to the sociology references on my video, see my resource

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