Sociology of the Mundane Poster Edition

The Sociology of the Mundane sheds critical light on everyday habits we dismiss as unremarkable. These posters illustrate the power of the mundane. Using humour and creativity, the artists and designers re-imagine routine behaviour and familiar frustrations in Western cultures as scintillating and poignant movie posters. Brought to you by Every Day Posters Every Day.

Calling Tech Support, by Peter Stults


Needing to go to the grocery store, by Superbad girl


Saying goodbye to someone you love, by Nate Garvison


Not knowing what to say when someone sneezes, by Peter Stults


Communiting to work, by Kay Bee.


Singing in the shower, by Peter Stults.


Getting dressed, by Peter Stults.


Brushing your teeth, Gabriela Ospina.


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