Sexism in STEM

Sexism in STEM

‘A lot of people are trying to squeeze this whole Tim Hunt affair in a “he said/she said” frame, but what they’re missing is twofold: Even if he was making a joke initially, he meant what he said, and that’s why he’s suffered the consequences of it, and either way this event has once again shone a spotlight on the rampant sexism in society in general and in the sciences specifically.’ Philip Plait​ #stemwomen

4 thoughts on “Sexism in STEM

  1. Can you say for certain, he meant what he said? It couldn’t have just been an awkward joke told by an awkward man? The consequences he needlessly suffered revealed a weakness in our society. The modern woman.

    Her hypersensitive narcissism has everyone constantly tiptoeing around her. She must be babied with quotas, to fill a position she likely isn’t qualified for. Every word must be chosen carefully as to not incite a pejorative food fight. Everything she does is that much better than anything a man does, so no matter her occupation, lack of work-centric drive, she must be paid the same as someone who actually earned that pay.

    Science is full of socially retarded men. The fact that women are more likely to cry in a lab than men is obviously because women cry more in general. If they spend enough time around someone they are even slightly attracted to, they will grow attached. They grow attached to socially inept male scientists that don’t know the first thing about women. It’s only a matter of time before every female scientist cries at least once in a lab.

    Here you are saying definitely that there is rampant sexism in the sciences. Yet the only evidence ever presented by anyone is Tim Hunt and a lie about the underrepresentation of women in a field they don’t choose to be in. Unfortunately sociology operates on ideology, and not any real science.


  2. Odious Brodious I write on these issues often and present evidence to back up my arguments. Here you’re simply stating an uninformed option. Everything you say is incorrect, including your idea that men are socially inept and your erroneous idea that women cry more than men. If you want to learn from science, you can read the various articles I’ve written on gender inequity in science.


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