“nostalgia can be inherently political.

“nostalgia can be inherently political. Swift is white, and she was raised in a society where certain symbols of white dominance and a more-segregated past have been glorified. Popular culture exists in large part to comfort, and the omission of black people from a story set in Africa certainly helps distract from the uncomfortable history of colonialism. But in 2015, there’s a growing popular awareness that things often considered “classic” were directly enabled by oppression, and that looking away from the uglier parts of the past will only perpetuate old problems.” http://buff.ly/1KRKfE2


5 thoughts on ““nostalgia can be inherently political.

  1. Hi Miss Melony – good to hear from you! Do you mind editing out the last word in your comment? I can appreciate how frustrating Swift is, but I don’t allow insulting language on my threads.

    You’re right on the money about her brand. Swift frequently exploits race and this has been called out before. She suffers from White feminism syndrome. Only a few weeks a go she muscled into a conversation Nicki Minaj was leading about racism in music awards, and tried to make it all about herself and her vision of “girl” power, which completely whitewashed the context of what Minaj was addressing, which was race. (She subsequently apologised and Minaj accepted.)

    Swift seems to be naive about race, gender and power, but greatly benefits from racism and White privilege. She’s a smart business woman, and is therefore intelligent enough to get educated on race relations. 

    For others reading along, I’ve critiqued Swift previously on racist appropriation: https://othersociologist.com/2014/08/22/taylor-swift-white-privilege-racism/ 


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