Sinking Into

Now that I’m back in Canberra from my overseas secondment, here’s our visual sociology for August 2015. There’s contemplative art that speaks to the sociology of identity and otherness, there’s commemorations of political violence, Indigenous drums from Vanuatu, protest art and markets galore.

Draw in

Draw In at the National Portrait Gallery with Carlos Perez playing classical guitar. The public is invited to sit and draw; all materials are provided. It’s child friendly too. 9 August

Hotel Hotel

Textured bicycles at Hotel Hotel in Canberra. 15 August

Old Bus Depot Markets

Belly dancers at the Old Bus Depot Markets in Canberra. 16 August

Talented busker at the Old Bus Depot Markets, Canberra. 16 August

Heads from North

Heads from the North, by Dadang Christanto. The artist was born in Indonesia and has been based in Australia since 1999. This commissioned work is a memorial to those killed as a result of the failed military coup in 1965. The 66 sculpture heads signifify the dead and disappeared from that year, including the artist’s father.

Slit Drums

“Slit Drums,” Chief Willy Taso, Chief Tofor Rengrengmal, unknown artist. The faces on these slit gongs represent ancestors of Vanuatu. 16 August

Songs of Australia

Aleks Danko, Songs of Australia No. 16. The artist depicts “a country sinking into conservatism.” On the wall are political soundbites that are also played on speakers. 23 August

Naqshbandi Greenacre Engagement

Sydney artist Khaled Sabsabi migrated to Australia from Lebanon in 1978 aged 13. This work is a rare look at the communal practice of Naqshbandi Sufi Muslims, who are mystic believers. This video installation is titled Naqshbandi Greenacre Engagement (2011). 23 August


Digital self-portraits

Interesting sociological themes: Portrait of Curtis Edwards who has autoimmune alopecia dealing with societal expectations and isolation. “Untitled” by Isabelle de Kleine. From the Macquarie Digital Portraiture Award.  5 September

Sociological exploration of cultural memory and survival. “The Wandering Jew” by Australian artist Ilya Milstein. 5 September

Night market

Lovely hand made things, music and food at the Night Market! 11 September

Hey y’all.

Hustle & Scout: Twilight Fashion Market

Peruvian street food in Canberra. Tienen Inca Cola.  12 September

People watching

Sociologist doing people watching. 12 September