Adventures Around Australia

We jump around from Brisbane to Perth to Melbourne to Sydney to Canberra for our visual sociology this November 2015! There’s sociology of gender and the unadulterated love of handmade markets.


Lost adventurers regroup at the Cultural Forecourt, South Bank. 1 November

George Street Market

Gorgeous market on George Street Brisbane. Most people sell their second hand clothes and knick-knacks for less than $5… but some designers offer hand made goods like these beautiful brooches by Sashie Hearts!

She was really lovely and friendly. I got two which will serve me well along my travels. Support women-owned local businesses especially those run by women of colour. 1 November

Retro-style clothing by Potato Queen Clothing.

Another woman-of-colour owned business. I bought a hand-made bracelet.


Perth gorgeousness wall. 7 November

“These in between moments are the ones to be between.” It’s Homi Bhabha’s theory illustrated! (Culture’s in between, “Location of Culture.”) (If this is your art work please get in touch so I can credit you in my blog.) 8 November


Old school telephony.  13 November

In Melbourne, my hotel room window had a view of bricked up windows for manufacturers of knitted outerwear and underwear. 14 November

A man walked past the table ahead of me at this cafe and he picked up the tomato sauce abandoned by the previous customers. He reached into his plastic shopping bag and poured the sauce into something he had in the bag; food purchased elsewhere. He then sat down and started eating.

This was interesting as I was sitting here looking at my orange juice thinking about social norms of being “rude.” I don’t mind that this man did this at all. He looks like he needed a rest and some food. Then again he is a White older man with a greater capacity of social privilege. Studies show that young women get away with less norm breaking than men, especially if they are women of colour.  14 November


Travelling for work, I went into a gorgeous restaurant, decorated with a Tibetan dream, compete with beautiful low chanting in the background. 17 November


Revolutionary Love by Sharon Hayes is a short art film that documents gay and lesbian protesters who came together during the 2008 USA political debates. They all read a long love poem simultaneously. This is such a beautiful installation, with three TV sets playing different shots of the demonstrators and balloons in various stages of inflation over the ground, with the word “gay” written across. Now on at the Art Gallery of NSW. 22 November


This is a giant chess board. It is the prelude to pancakes. 28 November

Sociology of Trolleys

Sociology of shopping trolleys continues! Found this beauty driving through the eastern suburbs of Melbourne *nowhere* near a shopping centre. 7 November