Students and Postdocs of Colour in American Astronomy

Physics and astronomy are amongst the least diverse sciences in the USA (with biology being relatively more diverse). In 2012, only one PhD in Astronomy was conferred to a Black American scholar and two to Latin Americans; in Physics two were to African Americans and three to Latins.

Professor Johnson writes:

“Here is a (non-exhaustive) list of students/postdocs of colour who will be presenting at the AAS meeting… Please be sure to stop by these students’ posters and hear about their amazing research. If you plan on recruiting them, know that competition will be fierce!”

Professor John Asher Johnson is compiling an ongoing list of students and postdocs of colour who are presenting at this year’s +American Astronomical Society Meeting, this week 4-8 January 2016, Kissimmee, Florida, USA. Visit Astronomy in Colour for the list.

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To read more discussion about inclusion in American astronomy, see the recommendations and resources from the Inclusive Astronomy Conference, led by astrophysicist Dr Jedidah Isler and colleagues.

Also recommended is this summary compiled by astronomer Johanna Teske.

Image credits: 1-2: Tom Rice. 3: Bryan Terrazas

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