Bangarra: Terrain

Recently went to Terrain by Bangarra Dance Theatre and as always they were magnificent. Elma Kris remains the most riveting and talented woman on the planet. Jasmin Sheppard winked at another of the women dancers when they were close and now she’s my hero for all time. The sets and costumes were minimalist but truly beautiful. All of the dancers are powerful and sublime.

“Mathinna traces the history of an Aboriginal girl removed from her traditional life, adopted into Western colonial society to be ultimately returned from the fragments of her original heritage.”

Patyegarang: “As the colonial fleet arrived on Eora country in the late 18th Century, a young Aboriginal girl, Patyegarang, befriended the colony’s timekeeper Lieutenant William Dawes.”

The Bangarra film “Spear” is now in Canberra and I think it may still be showing in other cities. Their next performance is “Our Stories” beginning on the 17th of June.