Driving, Watching, Chocolate

My visual sociology for April, from the Nation’s Capital to Victoria.

The National Portrait Prize 2016 is excellent. Also wonderful is that the “Behind the scenes” video has a sign interpreter on screen. The exigible has an interesting selection of Australian figures that cross class, race, gender and sexuality. 10 April

Women in Focus is my favorite part of the National Portrait Gallery. Artists, athletes, activists, businesswomen, Indigenous leaders and others are featured. Profoundly nourishing art. 10 April

Glenrowan, Victoria. 15 April 2016

Sociologist people watching in Deakin, Canberra. 24 April 2016

Writing, thinking and chocolate.  24 April 2016


Australian artist, Fiona Hall. Wrong Way Time. 24 April

Hall’s lifelong passion for the natural environment can be felt intensely in both spaces. The artist brings together hundreds of disparate elements which create tensions around three intersecting concerns: global politics, world finances and the environment. Hall sees these as failed states, as ‘a minefield of madness, badness and sadness’ stretching beyond the foreseeable future.

Fiona Hall. Wrong Way Time. She says in an interview: “Artwork is done for effect.” Her work aims to start conversations on political and social issues by repurposing everyday objects and junk into beautiful and visually arresting materials.