Divergent Feelings

Visual sociology for May 2016 is a sojourn through social norms, plenty of women’s art, zebra riding and the divergent feelings ascribed to the world’s most beautiful colour.

Observing cinema norms. 9 May

Come for the women’s art, stay for the Renaissance music. I’m at the National Portrait Gallery. This is Evensong. Take a seat! 14 May

“Indeed, no other colour or tone quite so readily evokes such divergent feelings as dread, mystery, awe or power as does black.” “Black” exhibition at the National Gallery of Australia. 15 May

Julie Rrap “360 Degree Self Portrait.” The artist’s face transforms subjected to centrifugal force. Her calm features distort and turn red due to the energy before returning to calm. The artist writes of herself as subject: “Are they undergoing something or perceiving something?” 15 May

Counter Move by Sydney Dance Company, at the Canberra Theatre. 21 May

Zebra riding in Canberra. 22 May

Along my life’s travels I have been rewarded with teacup lights. 22 May

The Sidney Nolan Collection. 29 May

Zebedee (Zanfirico Zebra) by Tom Moore. Part of Canberra Museum and Gallery’s Alphabet 2012 exhibit. 29 May

Sydney artist William Yang totally gets Canberra: “Canberra’s a difficult place to photograph – it’s small, it’s conservative and the people aren’t showy like they are in Sydney. But it does have beautiful environs. When you’re driving around and you come across a big flock of cockatoos. Now that’s exciting.” 29 May

Mateship. 31 May