Best All Day Breakfast in Canberra

As part of my visual sociology of Canberra, where I photographed art exhibitions, cultural events and representations of science, I set out to find Canberra’s best all day breakfast. Breakfast is my favourite meal at any time of the day.

My traversals were long and taxing; breakfast was the best way to keep me going in the middle of the day.

My favourite all day breakfast ended up being Dobinsons Bakery. The atmosphere is always lively and there’s guaranteed to be an eclectic mix of people for a sociologist to observe. The tables are big, helping me write some of my favourite sociology blog posts here.

Their Big Breakfast is best value for money in town and consistently delicious. For $19 you get all this, with the Spanish-style beans a highlight. Pictured here are the scrambled eggs, but their poached eggs are the best. Not pictured is the orange juice already consumed with relish; and bacon, which I omit from my order. No single human can eat this but it’s a darn fine meal regardless.

It was at Dobinson’s where I did a lot of people watching and contemplation of my sociological journey.

Thank you Canberra; you were lovely.