Visual Sociology of Winter in Canberra

Let’s enjoy our final round of visual sociology in Canberra, for July-August 2016. From here, we’ll kickstart our next visual adventures in Sydney, where I’m moving for a new career journey.

We begin the end of this chapter in July doing, what else, but exercising our democratic duty to vote in the state election.

An election

During the federal election, on 2 July 2016, when the nation was still optimistic for change.

Sausage sizzle, cakes and second hand books at my local polling booth, Canberra, 2 July 2016.

Australian voting tradition means we eat sausages after participating in democracy. 2 July

Winter wonderland

There is only one San Churro in Canberra city. This is criminal. Where else can Latins pick up Spanish hot chocolate? 3 July 2016

Winter wonderland, Canberra style. 5 July 2016

Women of Canberra

Street art by iwritevoir that I’ve long admired. In Garema Cafe, Canberra. 5 July

Friends. They shared a bowl of chips and each had a sundae. 7 July

Canberra Glassworks

Winter Festival at Canberra Glassworks. 7 July

World Curry Festival, 10 July

World Curry Festival in Canberra. There were various types of cuisine including Indian, Thai, Filipino and this: Ethiopian, one of my favourites!

World Curry Festival 2016.


For NAIDOC Week (a celebration of the history, cultures and contributions of Indigenous Australians) I went to the National Botanic Garden to see the Working on Country photography competition. It was a wonderful celebration of Indigenous contribution to land science and conversation, and even better, most of the entries were focused on women!

This is the winning photo, “Sharing Traditional Knowledge on Country with Djelk Women Rangers,” by Tina Yeganeh, who is part of the Djelk Rangers in the Northern Territory. The central figure is Leila Nimbadja, Traditional Owner with specialist horticulture and land conservation knowledge. She also established the first native nursery and was the first Djelk woman ranger. The Women Rangers curate native plants for the future as well as commercial enterprise.

Sociological sustenance

Watching humans doing their thing, while I write my next research blog post. 16 July

Activities for maximum sociological impact. 16 July

Sociology of Trolleys: last Canberra hurrah

She’s a beauty! Canberra, capital city of abandoned shopping trolleys delivers to the very end! 5 August

Goodbye Academy

I’ve left The Academy of Science! This was my view of the Academy on my second last day. I finished up yesterday. I’m taking up the role of Director (Evidence to Action) with a not for profit in Sydney. We manage federal and state initiatives to end violence against women and their children. My role is to translate research into outcomes for local communities, with intersectionality central to our approach and delivery of work. Applied sociology at its best. Incredibly excited about this role and the potential national impact. Plus I’m back to a big city again! 6 August

Best All Day Breakfast in Canberra

To wrap up my time in Canberra, on my final weekend before the big move to Sydney, I reflect on one of my favourite leisure activities, which helped produce most of the blog posts you have read over the past year and a half: all day breakfast. 7 August

As part of my visual sociology of Canberra, where I photographed art exhibitions, cultural events and representations of science, I set out to find Canberra’s best all day breakfast. Breakfast is my favourite meal at any time of the day.

My traversals were long and taxing; breakfast was the best way to keep me going in the middle of the day.

My favourite all day breakfast ended up being Dobinsons Bakery. The atmosphere is always lively and there’s guaranteed to be an eclectic mix of people for a sociologist to observe. The tables are big, helping me write some of my favourite sociology blog posts here.

Their Big Breakfast is best value for money in town and consistently delicious. For $19 you get all this, with the Spanish-style beans a highlight. Pictured here are the scrambled eggs, but their poached eggs are the best. Not pictured is the orange juice already consumed with relish; and bacon, which I omit from my order. No single human can eat this but it’s a darn fine meal regardless.

It was at Dobinson’s where I did a lot of people watching and contemplation of my sociological journey.

Thank you Canberra; you were lovely. 2 August