Settling Into Sydney

Visual sociology for August 2017 begins with the search for Sydney’s best all day breakfast. The first contender is Cafe 41 on Rochester, as I’ve returned a couple of times. Their Big breakfast is $22 and very filling. They have very comfortable booths with open windows perfect for people watching, sociological thinking, and for writing up my visual sociology posts. Breakky is served until 3PM and they close at 5PM on weekends. Score: 80% Distinction. 10 August 2017

Food and film

People entering and exiting Norton Plaza, Sydney. I’m here for Cine Latino, the Latin American film festival. 10 August

All day breakfst at Abattoir Blues, in the Heritage Precinct, Olympic Park Sydney. 11 August

Award winning olive oil popcorn. Gearing up for the next round of Cine Latino. 11 August

Post-film dinner date at Jovanotti Cafe, with its enviably cosy, wooden decor and open fire. It’s adorably kitsch thanks to the family and regulars’ pictures adorning the walls alongside the retro knick-knacks. 12 August

Arting around

John Brack style mural out of the Domain car park tunnel! 14 August

Hustle and quiet

Train rush. 2 August

Back to Cafe 41 on Rochester, a lovely little haven, in West side, Sydney. Take note their large coffees are actually humongous. 27 August

Once upon a time

“Once the painter was making signs and symbols for people to live by: now he makes things to hang on walls at exhibitions.” – Words, New Zealand artist Colin McCahon. Painting, “Once upon a time” by Australian artist Imants Tillers, of Monaro in New South Wales. 27 August