Sydney Taiwan Festival

Haka music at the Sydney Taiwan Festival. This song is about the people under the sun. The band uses a mix of modern and traditional instruments. The children who cone onstage at the end are from am Indigenous ethic group who also have a stall here.

Drumming at the Sydney Taiwan Festival. Exhilarating.


Puppet shows are traditionally performed outside temples as they are meant for the gods. This is the “half god” show where the money god blesses the crowd before the main show which will be performed by the puppet master.

To the left onstage is Professor Lee who explained to the crowd how the puppets are made (wooden heads, hands and feet) and their cultural significance. To his right is his translator.

They play for the crowd at the Sydney Taiwan Festival.

He’s heading to Paris! At the Sydney Taiwan Festival.

Sugar painting.

The line for this Taiwanese Pork Sausage goes around the block. The sign by Kirko Foods explains its popularity: “small sausage in big sausage.”

Colotako make these little delights by frying dough into little round trays and then pushing octopus and prawn inside.