Preventable, Inhumane Death of Indigenous Australian Woman, Ms Dhu

Preventable, Inhumane Death of Indigenous Australian Woman, Ms Dhu

The West Australian Coroner has found that the death in custody of young Indigenous woman Ms Dhu was preventable. The police abuse, which included denying Ms Dhu medical attention as she lay dying and dragging her body “like a dead kangaroo,” was found to be cruel and unprofessional. Ms Dhu was taken into custody for petty fines and died of respiratory complications to infection. Ms Dhu was a victim of domestic violence, and like many Indigenous Australians, did not have adequate access to services and support for this trauma and her ongoing health issues.

Ms Dhu’s family fought to have the footage of police brutality released. Her grandmother says:

“People need to see with their own eyes how my girl was treated. All Australians need to see this footage – we all need to stand together and say enough is enough, no more Aboriginal deaths in custody.”

Please share this story – Indigenous deaths in custody and police brutality of Indigenous Australians are grave issues that have been documented thoroughly, including through a Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody 25 years ago. Indigenous Australians continue to have poor health, educational and basic justice outcomes due to our ongoing colonial practices.

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History, health and educational outcomes of Indigenous Australians:

Impact of colonialism on Indigenous Australians in Western Australia: #sociology #socialscience #indigenous #indigenousaustralians #australia #justice #blacklivesmatter #woc

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