Australian Musem

Behold, a visual sociology of the Australian Museum! The beauty of wandering around the Australian Museum in Sydney! There is much to see on the natural sciences but the social sciences are also abound in the Pacific Spirit and First Australian galleries currently hosting two mind expanding exhibits, which I’ve previously written about (Garrigarrang: Sea Country and Bayala Nura: Yarning Country).

Featured here are the Bisj and Mimika Poles from West Papua Indonesia, at the Pacific Spirit gallery at the Australian Museum.

A Whale of a Time

In this gallery, it’s hard to miss the massive sperm whale skeleton! It was acquired in 1871 when the whale became beached in Woolongong, New South Wales. The whale’s skeleton was later suspended in 1910.

[Photo2: aerial view of the Museum’s natural science collection, with the whale skeleton in the top half of the photo. Below people sit in groups and stand in front of various glass displays.]


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