Symposium and Manifesto Times

This visual sociology for June 2016 chronicles a stressful and hectic period leading up to our big symposium.  Let’s share the lead-up and wind-down in Sydney, with the handmade Canbera markets and art shows in between, including Julian Rosefeldt’s Manifesto exhibition, a collaboration with Cate Blanchett that centrally features sociology!

Respite after a very long day, at Bicicletta restaurant in Canberra. 1 June 2016

Dendy Cinema, Canberra. 4 June

Fixing ships with great care and patience. I went to inspect our site ahead of our forthcoming equity symposium. 9 June

Light city in a Canberra cafe with French pictures.  11 June

Handmade markets, Canberra

Lomo saltado con una Inca Kola, Canberra. 12 June

Bean to bar handmade chocolate from 65% Peruvian chocolate. Made in Canberra by Jasper and Myrtle. 12 June

Sociology of comet art

Fiona Hall, Comet Book. This work explores space and the Christian concept of limbo. At the National Gallery, Canberra. 13 June

Glass art

Here are a few pieces at the Glassworks Art exhibition in Kingston, 18 June

Sombra, by Brian Corr 2015. Waterjetcut and kin formed glass with aluminum.

Surge, by Masahiro Asaka 2015. Winner Hindmarsh Prize 2016. Cast glass.

Science Centrepiece, 23 June

A fun part of working at the Academy of Science was acquiring centrepieces from the various after hours events staff attend as part of the job. This one is from dinner with the delegation from the Indonesian Academy of Sciences.

They have a multidisciplinary Academy with five sections; one is social sciences and the other humanities! They’ve also set up a Young Academy for early mid-career researchers. They have so many wonderful plans for outreach and increasing impact. They attended a Symposium I ran, and are committed to enhancing careers for women in science.

Symposium, 23 June

En route to Sydney, 23 June

Travelling for a series of meetings ahead of tomorrow’s Science Gender Equity smposium! Our keynote speakers are: Australia’s longest serving Sex Discrimination Commissioner & Male Champions of Change Founder Elizabeth Broderick; legendary journalist and Australia’s first woman editor of a national newspaper, Ita Buttrose; and the United Kingdom’s Equality Challenge Unit Chief Executive David Ruebain!

Thai Dinner Over a Magic Light Horse. On official sociological business looking after stakeholders. 23 JUne

Our view from the stakeholder dinner, Harbourside, Sydney. 23 June

This is how chandeliers look at our dragon boat restaurant. 23 June

Sociology of Hotel Art: Sydney

Behold, thematically appropriate hotel art! Featuring ships along Darling Harbour, Sydney.  24 June

Sociology of art, 26 June

A quick trip to the Art Gallery New South Wales, specifically to see the Manifesto exhibition and Ugo Rondinone. 26 June


Julian Rosefeldt, Manifesto. Collaboration with Cate Blanchett. The exhibition starts with a performance of Marx and Engels’ The Communist Manifesto!

The artist uses dialogue from various movies made from the Dogma cinema movement laid out by Lars Von Trier & Thomas Vinterberg.

Ugo Rondinone

“If there was anywhere but desert, Wednesday.” By Ugo Rondinone.

Are you hypnotised yet? “Golden Days and Silver Nights.” By Ugo Rondinone