For the Next Generation

Rejoice, for it is our visual sociology for February-March 2017! There’s revolutionary women, the tyranny of climate change, and the resilience of Aboriginal people.

Women challenge art

Revolutionary women artists featured at the Museum of Contemporary Art, 5 February.

“Untitled (for Mary Webb),” by A.D.S Donaldson

Australian artist Mary Webb was well known in European art circles but her contributions have been forgotten by Australian history. This piece reproduces Webb’s photographic creation using carpet.

The artist says:

“I want to acknowledge that history, of Sydney in Paris and of France in Australia, and somehow bring it all into the present.”


Melbourne artist Linda Marrinon uses sculpture and painting to explore the links between everyday life and pop culture. The first painting in this video is “Sorry,” produced in the early 1980s at a time when the relevance of this medium was being questioned by critics.

Climate change

Earlier this year, New South Wales broke a record of 52 days over 35°. This was an unusual day for this summer: very warm and sunny during the morning, and then it rained the rest of the day.  19 February

Sydney on a rainy summer night! 19 February


Love grows in the fern. 17 March

For the next generation. Beautiful Redfern, in Sydney.  17 March