Bangarra: Eora – Bennelong

Eora – Bennelong by Bangarra Dance Theatre.

This installation for Vivid Festical was on the side of the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge. A breathtaking dance and art concept.

“EORA – Bennelong honours one of Australia’s most mythologised and celebrated individuals from the days of first contact: Woollarawarre Bennelong. He was one of the first Aboriginal men to be taken from his clan and introduced to European ways; the first Aboriginal author; the first to travel far overseas; and one of the first Aboriginal people to have their life story recorded and documented by Western writers.” 

Words: Bangarra. Video: Zuleyka Zevallos

[Video: Indigenous male dancers sway together beautifully. There is no sound as part of the installation. The bridge is lit up in neon colours of green, purple and red. The video background is nondescript people chatting.]

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