29 + 1: Film Review

Yes women-centred films! 29 + 1, written and directed by a woman, Kearen Pang is a wonderful film about two women who’ve never officially met but who share a birthday, and eventually “form a deep and invisible bond.“  The film is set in 2005 and it plays with memory and time. Christy has a hectic but glamorous job, a long term boyfriend and supportive friends. Christy doesn’t want to get married and is proud of her independence. Her life is full of light colours, bodily discipline and stifling routine.

Wong has been working at the same record shop for ten years. She’s never had a boyfriend and the only two people in her life are her boss and her best friend whom she’s known since they were seven. Her life is ful of bright, clashing colours and a whimsical sense of never-ending happiness.

Everyone lectures them about what they should do now they are facing 30, when life apparently goes down hill For women. For their own reasons, they come to a point in their lives when they reassess the future. Beautiful and affecting, it’s based on the play by writer/ director Kearen Pang, who helms this adaption. Go see it.