Vivid Festival 2017

A bonus visual sociology, so we can all share in the glowing loveliness of the Vivid Festival, an annual event in Sydney. Runs from May to June.

[People gather in front of a fountain that is lit up with a large red lotus flower. In another scene, a structure shaped like a tree – with a tall concave stump and three cylindrical disks on top – is lit up like a tree with flying birds and leaves spreading and growing. Music coming from the installation is a pleasant instrumental]

Please enjoy an electric rhinoceros gliding past the Sydney Opera House.

[It is night. The water is still and the Sydney Opera House can be seen lit up in the distance. A boat sails past also lit up in pink. The camera pans to the sky, where various crossing lights are beaming across the cloudy night.]

Neon angel.

[It is night. People are looking at a wall installation displaying large angel wings. A young woman stands in the centre having her photo taken.]

When your city is breathtaking.


[People stand in front of large black cubes flashing with white lights, taking photos or touching the intallation. The centre of the cubes have mirrors.The camera pans around a large crowd at night. Dance music plays in the background as part of the installation.]

“The Mailbox.” Make a noise! Part of the Vivid Sydney festival.


[It is dark at night. Children yell and laugh at a large mailbox, an interactive LED installation. It has changing colourful lights in the shape of envelopes. It forms a face that smiles or shows surprise at the screams. Adults also chat indistinctly in the background.]

Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House

[It is night. Indistinct crowds and music are heard in the background. The two iconic Sydney sites are lit up with dazzling displays. The Opera House has neon jelly fish and tentacles. The Bridge appears purple and green.]

An ode to mathematics & technology; an inspired hark back to a childhood game; and a kinetic energy pendulum (that’s broken).