Aboriginal Art: Weaving, Ocean, Spirits

Tjanpi Desert Weavers

Minyma Punu Kungkarangkalpa (2013), Tjanpi Desert Weavers

Barayuwa Mununggurr

Manbuynga (2015) Barayuwa Mununggurr. This work tells the story of the Yarrinya ocean in which Munyuku spirit men hunted they own brother, a whale called Mirinyungu. After the whale washes up on the beach, the men used stone knives to cut up the body. Later realising they’ve eaten their sibling, they throw the knives into the water, which became the sharp reef. Ancestors and elders now protect the land and water through ceremony, knowledge systems and stories.

Lena Yarinkura

Lena Yarinkura, Kune/Rembarrnga woman artist from North East Arnhem land. “Today Yarinkura is best known for her fibre sculptures of dogs, bandicoots, spiders, bush pigs and bush mice, and Wurum (fish-increasing) spirits; some forms refer to creation narratives, while others reference her own pets or animals observed in the bush.”