Chocolate, Cherry, Equality

Visual sociology for August 2017 has us sneaking into a conference (kind of), keepingour eyes on multiple protests, attending the Cherry Blossom and Chocolate festivals, and getting ready to do our bit for marriage equality!

I was lucky enough to momentarily crash a conference to meet a colleague, at the amazing International Convention Centre. It is humongous! Several conferences happening at once, including one with giant Lego! 2 August

Hyde Park, on a beautiful Sydney day! 3 August

Protest art

“What does it mean for us to be participating in a prize that’s never been awarded to a person of colour?” This is a portrait of artist and activist Richard Bell who has raised political issues of the Archibald Prize, Australia’s most prestigious portrait award. The Prize is named after the editor of The Bulletin, infamous for its racist articles. The Prize sponsor from 1999 to 2005 was The Colonial Foundation Trust. In its 96 years, the Prize has never been given to an person of colour. This portrait depicts the fiction of meritocracy and Australian egalitarianism.

The Rocks

Golden adventure. 9 August

Chocolate Festival

Sydney Festival of Chocolate is so full of people! 12-13 August

Did I go to the Chocolate Festival and buy alfajores? Yes. Yes I did.

Y porque no los dos? Alfajores y empanada con chocolate. 12 August 2017

Two elephants and their captor walk into a North Indian restaurant in Newtown. 12 August

Policing the Homeless Protest

Early this morning a police van parked in the middle of Martin Place, to deter ongoing protests by people who are homeless. 14 August

A couple of months ago, police blocked Martin Place all day and night so people who are homeless couldn’t protest the lack of affordable housing in Sydney. 16 August


Inception. Sydney style. 17 August

Running on empty

“Empty train. 5hr 28 min.” Riveting count down is on. 19 August


Enjoy the tranquility of water. 20 August

Knitting Nanas

Knitting Nanas Against Gas. This group of older women sang and protested in the city against environmentally unsafe policies. They protest regularly. 21 August

Vote yes!

Let’s get this done, Australia. Vote for marriage equality! Only two ays left to register or update our details to make our vote count. 22 August 2017

Wear it Purple

It’s Wear it Purple Day, a day to empower and support the health and wellbeing of LGBTQIA youth. What can we all do to boost the potential of this important group in our society? 1) Let young queer people know they are loved and valued. 2) Speak up about the hateful messages and campaign against marriage equality and #VoteYes before 7 November! (25 August)

Cherry Blossom Festival

Sydney Cherry Blossom Festival, at the Auburn Botanical Gardens. 27 August

Cheeky peacock.

Geese city in the Japanese Garden!

Night social

A night of socialising in Newtown, Sydney.  27 August