Perfect Days

It’s our visual sociology for September-October 2017! Our usual suspects of films and art are here, as well as a couple of festival and the countdown to marriage equality.

Cinema verite

Weight of the world. 30 September 2017

Por el amor de Luna. 30 September 2017

Ghost town

This town, is coming like a ghost town. (Chow Bella Cafe.) 1 October

Interview: sexual preferences in dating

I came into the Triple J studio at the ABC to have a discussion on sexual preferences and racism. It’ll be released as a podcast later in the week. 1 October

Mikala Dwyer

Divisions and Subtractions, Mikala Dwyer, 2017. The artist is interested in the occult, and the circle as a “psychic fortress that can hold together disparate objects.” 2 October

The Letterbox Marys, Mikala Dwyer.

Square Cloud Compound, Mikala Dwyer, 2010.

Hilarie Mais

Australian artist born in England, Hilarie Mais uses geometry, number patterns and colour to reflect on her life, as well as duality, order, balance and harmony. 7 October


We’re in a sorry locomotive state. 7 October 2017

The joys of the Night Noodle Markets. So much food. So little time. 17 October

Don’t get complacent! Vote for marriage equality. 20 October 2017

Bubsy strut

This is not my cat. She is either always hanging around or sneaks in after me. Either way she struts, plays and sleeps as if this is heris place. Right after I filmed this, she jumped on my lap and proceeded to get comfy to sleep. I call her Bubsy. 19 October


Good people of late night trains, in Burwood. 22 October

Marrickville Festival

The Marrickville Festival, in inner Western Sydney, was lots of fun. The rain was relentless! It was especially thrilling to see little Spanish girls dancing flamenco. 22 October

Be safe?

This mural is confusing. The first part of the artwork reads, “Be safe at all times,” hmmm okay maybe, but the second part says, “Prevention is best” – what is the message here? I read this as two queer women being told that safety is women’s responsibility. What are you saying, City of Marrickville? Protect women by creating a culture of safety.
How do you read this art? 22 October

Marrickville Festival

Crepe making. 24 October

Just a perfect day. You made me forget myself. I thought I was someone else, someone good. 22 October

World’s most senseless postal survey on LGBTQIA human rights closes on 7 November. Let’s do this, Australia! Vote YES to marriage equality! 28 October

Haldon Street Festival

The Haldon Street Festival. I was helping out colleagues with fieldwork. These tiny dancers are gorgeous! The little girl in blue stage right is destined for greatness. They are from the Bangla Music and Dance Academy. 28 October

The Soran Orodital Dancers from the local Japanese community group. At the Haldon Street Festival.

Lucky last

This is our neighborhood cat who is always hanging around, waiting for me at the door, and often sneaks ir cons its way inside. As you now know, I call her: Bubsy. 25 September 2017