Out in the Field

Visual sociology of my travels around the North and South Coast of New South Wales for fieldwork and some overnight training, from early October to the end of November 2017.

During the week, I was doing fieldwork research and look at all the trolleys I saw in one day! It was a Sociology Of Trolleys bonanza. 7 October 2017

After a brief detour of sophistication in New Zealand, the Sociology of Hotel Art is back where it belongs: wrong town. I confirm there are no palm trees in the vicinity as this incredibly ugly drawing would otherwise suggest. This is what happens when the proletariat does not rise in time against the bourgeoisie and instead invests heavily in the lost dreams of 1971. 11 October 2017

Dog beach. 11 October

There is a beach nearby so this #Sociology of Hotel Art gets a pass on motif but that is an awful image. You win some, you lose some in rural New South Wales. 13 October

Muffinzilla and Co! 13 October 2017

Strut! 14 October 2017

See that black sign in the background? Well around that corner was the start of the line to go through security at Gold Coast airport where I was “randomly selected” for an explosives/ “You’re a Brown Person” test. I fly a lot. At least once every trip I am “randomly” selected. White people don’t have to factor in “racist harassment” time for every trip they take.

No. It is not the same as when a White person is actually randomly selected. White people are occasionally tested to make racial profiling seem less bad. It isn’t. 15 October

If there is one thing I hope that my Sociology of Hotel Art does for the world, it’s to demonstrate that the more incredulous the art on the walls, the better the travelling experiences. Take this for instance: an ugly photo of the beautiful Twelve Apostles in Victoria, in a motel in Lismore, New South Wales. Genius. Get us confused about what state we’re in so we stay forever. 17 October

A black and white photograph featuring a… cow! We’ve reached a momentous stage in the Sociology of Hotel Art. I don’t hate it. The second photo of a field is less endearing. I’m in the New South Wales South coast. This is a nice hotel but the field photo: we have to stand against the tyranny of odd images in hotel rooms.

The beautiful South coast of New South Wales. What a gorgeous country. 27 October

Street art in Dubbo, New South Wales! Artist: J.D. (?)  29 October

This was the last day of fieldwork in Dubbo and plans did not go as expected. Nevertheless it a very busy day, going from one cafe to the next, typing up notes and catching up on project planning and other work. I took over a second large project after a senior colleague left (which is why I went on two back to back fieldwork trips), but as it turns out another two projects also need my leadership. After this, I flew from Dubbo to Sydney, then to the North Coast. 31 October

Whale tail and suds at a major intersection in Coffs Harbour! 1 November

The Sociology of Lights is strong here, in a small shopping centre in Coffs Harbour. 1 November

The focus group interviews in the North Coast went from the afternoon into the evening. Highly enjoyable discussion about education and work solutions for trainees who are struggling. Especially interesting how one participant put into context relative income differences between junior and senior staff. Tomorrow, travel up the coast to do focus group interviews at a different site. 1 November

A fun stop in between fieldwork sites along the North Coast! Focus group interviews were great. Participants came up with great ideas to address education and work issues. The photo is of The Big Banana! 2 November


In a library after closing time. It was heavenly! 2 November 2017

Salt Beach. 2 November 2017

Possibly greatest stop en route to the airport in history. 3 November 2017

Three doggies kept coming up to me on the beach to play, including this one with his stick, and another kept wanting me to throw his ball. 5 November 2017

Sociology of Lights gets cosmic. 5 November

Our first alcohol free zone Sociology of Trolleys! 16 November 2017

Tamworth airport lounge. For friends outside Australia, Tamworth is famous for country music. 16 November 2017

Beautiful street art in Tamworth celebrating Aboriginal women and mother nature. See her on the right? 18 November 2017