Indigitek Presents Wayne Denning and Nancia Guivarra

I’m at an Indigitek event at Google. Nancia J. Guivarra and Wayne Denning will be speaking about how to encourage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth into science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Derek Harte from Google begins the event, speaking on importance of diversity on innovation and importance of Indigenous talent to the future of technology.

Now speaking at Wayne Denning on his biggest influences for innovation. His grandmother Winnie and inventor David Unaipon.

Carbon Creative started with the Sesame Street music video starring Jessica Mauboy (below), then moved into TV production, and now focuses largely on advertising, especially social issues such as domestic violence and health.

Carbon Creative leads STEM I Am, an initiative to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children into science. Important to make them active creators, and especially to make tech accessible to kids in remote and regional areas.

Next is Nancia J Guivarra, Chief Marketing Officer at Stronger Smarter Institute. Her career began in the early 1980s as a computer programmer/ engineer, encouraged by her father – a labourer and unionist.

In 1983, when Guivarra was in Year 12, and had already written her first computer program, to automate staff payments at her after school job! The same year she got an internship at her city council working with large computers (similar model to this picture).

After completing a physical education degree (STEM focused), Guivarra worked as a tech trainer in government (Aboriginal Affairs). Years later, she became a radio producer and then a web editor and developer. She’s now in marketing.

Stronger Smarter works with teachers to improve learning delivery and outcomes for Indigenous children. They focus on positive approaches rather than a deficit frame. For example, affirming Indigenous identity and perspectives in curriculum.

Even for teachers who may not be teaching Indigenous children, all classrooms should use Indigenous knowledges everyday. It would help connect them with this Country & learn more about history, culture & innovation.

Stronger Smarter Institute believes that higher expectations in the classroom is a two-way street. Aboriginal ad Torres Strait Islander children shouldn’t have to leave their culture at the door. Teachers should respect Indigenous youth knowledge.

Oh my goddess, I won a Google Home Mini for being the 41st person to register for the event! Thanks Indigitek (and randomly generated numbers). 😃