Colour Wheel of Flavours

In this February 2018 edition of visual sociology, we do fielwork in the Inner West of Sydney, we travel to Melbourne to speak at a panel, and we come back to Sydney for the last gasp of the Lunar New Year and Mardi Gras celebrations.

Inner Western Sydney

Whilst out on fieldwork, the Sociology of Trolleys gets informed! This trolley is a mature age learner who knows it’s never too late to seek out new knowledge. 9 February


Cutest little Thai place in St Kilda. The printing machine in the first photo apparently works. 11 February

Very Melbourne Sociology of Hotel Art featuring street art and Luna Park. Five artworks in one room! 12 February

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It’s been around a dozen years since I came to Southern Cross Station, or as I knew it growing up, Spencer Street Station. The slick design arranges space to keep the public flowing towards the trains. There is nowhere to sit and therefore nowhere to congregate. The former is difficult for people with chronic illness and the elderly, while the latter is to discourage youth. Public spaces reflect social norms about belonging and exclusion. At least the clouds were beautiful today. A police recruitment campaign saturated the landscape. 12 February

An odyssy through Chinatown, Melbourne. The joy of amazing food greeted me. 12 February

Correct. 12 February

UX Designer for the REA Group, Danya Azzopardi (centre), UX Lead for ANZ, Cory-Ann Joseph, (right) and me just before our panel on intersectionality for the Tech Inclusion Melbourne conference. It was really fun. The conference had many thought-provoking presentations that tackled issues such as Indigenous sovereignty and innovation; racism in Silicon Valley; understanding gender equality beyond the binary of men / women; including disabled people in the design and testing of tech; and mentoring and consultation of youth. 13 February


The colour wheel of flavours. 23 February

The Sociology Of Trolleys is committed to people who leave trolleys at train stations. Lugging shopping home is really tough at the best of times when you don’t have a car and there’s no nearby shopping centres; even more so on public transport. Despite my many jokes along the way, this series has always been about the sociology of class. 24 February

Sydney’s St James train station shows its love for Mardi Gras. 25 February


Lunar New Year celebrations for the year of the dog have come to a close today in Sydney. What a fun time was had! 26 February

No-air-conditioner train. 26 February