Night Shift

In the March-April 2018 edition of visual sociology, I travel to Auckland, Brisbane and Melbourne, and a whole lot by night. Plus, the sociology of trolleys is good to us.

Auckland, New Zealand

Last weekend, I gave a talk on “Ending Sexual Harassment in Science, Technology and Maths (STEM) and Academia,” at Kiwi Foo, in Auckland, New Zealand. The discussion was really wonderful, with many thoughful stories shared about experiences of harassment and how to take collective action. In particular, we talked about how men can be better allies to women and femmes. Kiwi Foo is a weekend getaway, with 180 participants who either stay on site camping or in dorms, or nearby the camp grounds. It is an “unconference” where the schedule of talks are not pre-determined by organisers. Instead, everyone comes together on Friday night and puts forward sessions and people can combine their sessions together if they are closely aligned in topic. The sessions are less about the presenter talking – no PowerPoint slides – just setting the scene and then facilitating discussion. The other talks were wonderful and gave me much food for thought. 10 March 2018


I was in the audience for Q&A last week. It was really fun! They have live music for audience members, who are free to float around for an hour until it’s time to film. We also stayed almost an extra half an hour for extra filming which goes online. The panel discussed how trashy politics has increasingly become as well as, worryingly, taking away citizenship from dual citizens who travel to conflict afflicted areas. 11 March


Eleven. 28 March 2018

What are you looking at? Mass, Ron Muek. 31 March

“…And in that instant, my soul was obliterated and I was restored…” – Yayoi Kusama. 31 March

When I was younger, I lived in a redneck town where there was nothing to do. So as kids, we’d take the 20 minute bus to Sunshine to hang out. It is a vibrant multicultural suburb with many gorgeous, migrant-run shops and restaurants. 1 April

Gastronomic dispatch from your favourite Peruana: Los Latinos in Maidstone, Melbourne, is a gem! We had the chicken tamales; chicharon (pork belly / crackling) with yucca (chips made from a potato-like vegetable); empanadas (beef pastries); papusas (tortillas or pancakes made from corn flour and filled worth cheese); and ceviche (delicious raw fish cooked in lime juice). When the food is so good you want to cry. It’s like visiting all your South and Central American friends at once and feasting on the best they have to offer. 4 April

Night feed

My favourite local restaurant has changed management and have a new menu, but luckily the food and service are still good! 12 April

Follow the lights. 16 April

Sociology of Hotel Art Brisbane

Wow! The Sociology of Hotel Art has stepped up several notches. Brisbane delivers! I’ve stayed at this hotel many times and I don’t remember the art being this impressive. This is surely in the Top 5 of hotel art. Granted, the bar is very, very low – that’s the premise of our #sociologyofhotelart journey! Well the bad art and cognitive dissonance of art>>location>>motif. Still, I like it. 22 April

Sociology of trolleys: night vision

You know how a flock of geese is called a gaggle? And a gathering of dogs is called a pack? Well, a group of abandoned shopping trolleys is called a brazen. As in, “Check out this runaway brazen, hanging around Burwood train station.” True story. 25 April

Night shift

Two households, both alike in dignity. In fair Verona, where we lay our scene. From ancient grudge break to new mutiny. Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean. 29 April

Kiss and ride. 29 April

Way out

29 April

Café con leche. 30 April